Leaving for Stuarts Draft in a bit…

January 14, 2010, 11:41 AM

Yes, as soon as the laundry is finished (see, Mom, I am capable of taking clean clothes down when I visit), I’m heading out to Stuarts Draft. I can’t believe that this weekend is almost here. My sister’s getting married this Saturday! She’s going to become Mrs. Chris Lysy on Saturday.

Of course, now I’m going to have to get used to seeing “Ann Lysy” on Facebook and such. That’s just going to be strange to see, but I’m sure she’ll be happy as can be.

Then meanwhile, I am going to get to Stuarts Draft under my own power, despite that the wheel of automotive misfortune has been spinning in my direction as of late. Recall that I’ve not had a good time with the car lately. First the car spazzed out on me on Christmas Eve as I was leaving for work. Then when I was in Roanoke on the 30th with Mom, the car didn’t want to start up. After a trip to the Firestone place in Wheaton when I got back, though, the car was running fine again. However, (automotive) misfortune apparently comes in threes, and on Tuesday, when I went to get into the car to go to work (if I know I’m going to be working late, I drive), I discovered that the right front tire was flat. Greeeeeeeeeat. So I had to call AAA and get the spare put on. Then I was on my way. Then yesterday, another trip to Firestone got my brand-new tire fixed up. The comment was, 20-some thousand miles is what this thing is supposed to last, and it didn’t even make it to 100. But they fixed it, and determined it was probably a bad seal.

Of course, with my most recent automotive misfortune, it’s caused me to plan for what happens if the car is disabled en route between Stuarts Draft and DC. See, I get a tow to my destination of choice within 100 miles of where the car should die. And on my route, Woodstock is roughly the midpoint. If I’m south of Woodstock, then a breakdown will go to Stuarts Draft, at Eavers Tire. North of Woodstock, it goes to Wheaton. Then for when I take US 29, substitute Culpeper for Woodstock. Hopefully, though, I’ll never have to put my plan into effect. But at least now I have an idea about what to do should the unthinkable occur.

But we’re not going to think about that now. I have a wedding to photograph! I’m nervous as hell, but I think in the end, I’ll do just fine. This wedding is actually the main reason I bought the Canon in the first place. I couldn’t have used the Kodak for the wedding, because it was not sophisticated enough for my needs – and too lightweight. The Canon has some more weight to it, and is a bit more serious about what it’s trying to do. And in the ten-and-some months I’ve been using it, it’s treated me well. I can do this. Plus should the unthinkable happen to the Canon, and it goes down on me, Dad will have his own Canon digital camera at the ready for me to jump over to. Since we’re not doing the wedding underwater or in hazardous conditions, Duckie will likely be left out of the action.

Now, though, I need to check on laundry and then get packed and out of here. I have to get a haircut on the way out and give the car a quick wash to get a bunch of salt residue off the car before I arrive.

Web site: The new Online Store. I knew this was going to be a good move, as I've already sold something in less than a week of operation. How awesome!

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Quote: Meanwhile, Sis and Chris are going to Disney World for their honeymoon. I'm jealous. You know, I never did get to see the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom when we went in 1989. If memory serves me correctly, I wasn't feeling well, and so I spent the entirety of the fireworks display... in the bathroom. No fun.

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