Once again, my coworkers showed how festive halloween can be…

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October 30, 2009, 10:04 PM

We definitely had some interesting costumes this time around at our office halloween party. Check it out:

Halloween costumes at work in 2009

Among these people, we had a person who went as “Mac” from the Get a Mac commercials, me as a teabagger, Marge Simpson, the Balloon Boy incident, and a plethora of others.

This year, we dressed up just for the lulz. We didn’t have a costume contest this year, and just as well. Even though I won in one category last year, I generally don’t like turning halloween into a competition. I just want to dress up and have fun, and turning it into better-than irritates me, especially when I take time to make something really good and then lose. Dressing up just for the lulz is a lot more fun.

Then here’s a better look at my “teabagger” sign:

My "teabagger" costume

Yes, I made sure to capture the hallmarks of the teabagger movement. Tea bags, an unnatural love of right-wing pundit (and in my opinion, wacko) Glenn Beck, and of course plenty of misspellings. Spelling “Glenn Beck for President” as “Glen Beck four Prezudint” was absolutely deliberate. The only thing I didn’t misspell was “Beck”.

And for those wondering, yes, I still have my soul patch, but you can’t see it in the photo. My coworkers have already good-naturedly made sport of its small size, but hey, facial hair takes time to grow, and I can at least grab it now.

And with the office halloween party behind us, now I can focus on tomorrow. October 31, halloween itself, is the opening ceremony for Scientology’s new Ideal Org. Needless to say, we will be raiding them while they have their little ceremony. Their hopes of having a simple ceremony will be dashed, and who knows – maybe despite all the hardware they put up front, we’ll force them into their building for the ceremony.

So we’re raiding all day. We’re raiding from 12 PM to 8 PM. That breaks down to 12-5 PM at the Ideal Org at 16th and P Streets, and then 5-8 at the Founding Org at 20th and R. Hope to see you there?

Web site: Someone else goes as a teabagger for halloween...

Song: Glenn Beck "Get Off My Phone" Radio Freak Out Remix. Thankfully, even Lyndon LaRouche has a better chance of ever becoming president than Beck does.

Quote: So yeah, today was pretty fun.