So this is the beard as of Saturday…

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October 12, 2009, 5:39 PM

Here’s what the facial hair looks like as of this past Saturday:

The beard after one week's time

As you can see, the mustache area is well-established, as well as something like a beard around the rest of it. Unfortunately, the beard and the mustache don’t connect. There is a defined gap on both sides. Likewise, on the front of the chin has a big clear spot, and the soul patch area is remarkably not-so-awesome.

The reason I decided to grow some stuff was twofold. First of all, with my being on vacation for two weeks, I don’t particularly need to shave. So I didn’t. Secondly, my coworkers all encouraged me to grow a beard or something. So I decided why not. I particularly wanted to see how a soul patch would come in, since of all of it, that’s what I was most seriously considering keeping out of it.

So considering what’s growing in well and what isn’t, I’m probably going to just get rid of it all next Sunday, in order to return to work clean shaven as always. It was a good experiment, but unfortunately, it’s not growing in as well as I’d like. Ah, well…

I’ll also take one more beard photo just before I shave it off, by the way, so you’ll get to see the final look of it before it leaves.

Web site: How to Grow a Beard in 10 Easy Steps

Song: "Still Alive" from the video game Portal

Quote: Meanwhile, note the different glasses. The photo was taken during a drink break at Whole Foods on P Street during a Scientology raid, and so I was wearing the old pair of glasses that I usually wear with the Guy Fawkes mask.

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