And the ice has been broken…

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October 10, 2009, 12:48 AM

Yes, the ice has been broken. Scientology’s new Ideal Org at 16th and P Street NW in Washington DC has officially been raided. And the first raid at the new location was a resounding success.

Going in, people weren’t quite sure how the foot traffic would be at this location. I try my best to only be in the area during the day, because spending too many late nights at the office starts to toe that fine line between go-getter and workaholic. Obviously, we would have a good amount of foot traffic right after 5:00 as people in 1400 16th Street and 1616 P Street (the office complex I work in on the same block) start to leave work. And, in fact, I saw five of my coworkers as they left work, plus some people from other organizations in our building. And then as the office traffic trailed off, the foot traffic kept coming! Turns out that the area around my office really is hopping well into the night. I knew I usually saw a decent amount of people out at night when I would leave work late, but when I know I’m going to be staying late, I will usually drive, and so I never really got to really appreciate it. All I have to say is wow – the foot traffic is amazing.

And many of the reactions were priceless, too. Since this was our first raid at this new facility, many questioned why we were at this location, since people usually see us outside the Founding Org at 20th and R. All we needed to do was draw their attention to the big “CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY” lettering on the building, and their question was pretty much answered. Some had never given Scientology much thought, but now that it was going to be their neighbor, they readily took our You Found the Card literature. One woman said that she was embarrassed for the neighborhood to have them nearby now.

But all in all, we made sure to make a good showing in this first Ideal Org raid…



We also made sure to chalk the sidewalk.

The URL at the bottom is The “ex” unfortunately got cut off…

So we’ll see how well “hose tech” works at the Ideal Org. They’re usually pretty quick to hose off our sidewalk chalk at the Founding Org. However, we probably won’t find out how fast they’ll be on it for this one. It rained this evening, which took care of our chalk even if they didn’t get to it.

And no word yet on how “Curtain Tech” will work at this location. I know at the Founding Org, they hang the little curtain over the window of the front door and pull all the shades on the front of the building. We’ll see what they do with this building, which is seven stories tall, has WAY more windows, and has a huge glass entrance. Plus we can raid this one and be seen from three sides of the building, since there’s no fenced-in parking lot at the Ideal Org (not so ideal, is it?).

And of course, in what appears to be Scientology’s latest counter-Anonymous tactic, Sadie and another Scientologist were out and about with their anti-Anonymous literature. They looked really pathetic. They just kind of stood there, and no one bothered to even so much as look at them as they passed them. It’s like they weren’t even trying. I think they only gave out two flyers the whole night while we were out there, and that was from people that we sent to them to grab their literature for the lulz. One Anon referred to their literature as “hate literature”, but I wouldn’t even go that far. I have a copy of their counter-literature. It’s not hate literature – it’s just sad. Sad enough to be funny. They’re going off of unverified material that they found on the Internet. And if it’s on the Internet, it must be true! No one would ever post something untruthful on the Internet! To think otherwise would be preposterous!

And now that the ice is broken, we’re going to be out there again all afternoon and well into the evening this Saturday, October 10. See you there?

Web site: Ex-Scientology Kids

Song: "True Blue" by Madonna. I used to do aerobics to this song as a child back in 1987. This song is so 1980s...

Quote: Meanwhile, you know what those coworkers I saw were surprised about? The beginnings of a beard that I had going on. Since I started my vacation a week ago, I haven't bothered with shaving, so I'm very fuzzy right now. It's probably all going to come off on the 18th (the Sunday before I go back to work), but while I've got it, it's amusing. I intend to take pictures of it all before I shave, though.

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