What is wrong with the drivers up here?

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September 21, 2009, 11:21 PM

It makes one wonder – what the crap is wrong with the drivers up here? This is like the outer reaches of the Philadelphia region, and these people drive like maniacs. These drivers make Fairfax County drivers look calm. What really got me is when I got passed illegally on the right on a two lane road because the guy behind me thought I was going too slowly. That just blew my mind. Otherwise, these people won’t let you in, and show no mercy.

And what makes this even more frustrating is that it’s not like these people are doing this on a six-lane road like Georgia Avenue or Rockville Pike. This area looks like a cross between Staunton and Stuarts Draft. The roads are narrow, mostly two lanes. And the lines at the lights are long, and the area doesn’t even look like it would be jammed with commuters, but it is. One thing, though – Philadelphia drivers don’t honk like we do in DC. DC-area drivers are quick to lean on the horn, and I’ll admit having driven with my hand close to or on the horn more than once. In the DC area, we don’t give people the finger so much. We just blow our horns.

Otherwise, though, the drive up here was uneventful. I-95 is kind of old and needs upgrading in places, but those drivers were fairly courteous. It’s these commuters that are ruthless.

Meanwhile, the hotel pool still has too much chlorine in it. I have a navy blue swimsuit that I’ve been wearing in the pool, and it’s starting to change colors from all the chlorine in there. But the goggles have worked, though. No problems from the chlorine as long as I keep the goggles on. But I definitely smell strongly of chlorine after getting out of the pool. Heck, you just walk into the pool area and the chlorine scent just hits you. And today, I tried something fun in the pool. I took Duckie in with me, and played around taking some underwater photos in both the pool and the hot tub, focusing on the facilities themselves – I actually managed to completely work around and avoid two kids swimming in the pool. I don’t know if any of them will even be sharp, but we’ll see, I suppose. I’ll post whatever ends up being half-decent on here later. Also, while Duckie will sink in water, it’s still not heavy enough to sit still in the water if I sit it down somewhere – it has a tendency to spin around on the bottom when I move away from it. What I need is a tripod that I am willing to take in the water and completely submerge, and a few rocks to hold it down with. Then I might get more interesting photos.

Speaking of which, I’d love to get some underwater swimming photos. If I can find a pool that will let me take Duckie and a tripod into the water and sink the whole rig, I could get some awesome photos. Plus I would of course need a model to do something in the water in front of the camera. I can’t exactly take beautiful photos and be the model at the same time, especially while swimming. So – any volunteers? Also, anyone have or know of a pool that will let me sink a tripod for a bit?

Web site: This is kinda sorta what I would want to do in the water. Who knows - might be fun, and I can hold my breath long enough to adjust the camera and shoot a photo.

Song: Rickroll from the last time I was up this way...

Quote: Meanwhile, quick question: How do you think I'd look if I grew a thin beard? I'm talking one of those ones that's only a half inch or so thick. What do you think?

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