Now those are some serious-looking storm clouds…

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June 10, 2009, 9:38 PM

So this is what my commute looked like from the moment we emerged from the tunnel north of Union Station:

Storm clouds over Washington DC

Those are some serious-looking storm clouds if I do say so myself, seen here from Breda 4003 at Rhode Island Avenue. A fellow rider who was also taking pictures said that it kind of looked like a wall cloud out there.

Thankfully, though, my commute was fairly uneventful other than fascinating storm clouds. The rain and the light show waited until I got home, and now there’s a thunderstorm going on outside. It’s kind of fun to watch… from inside, that is.

Web site: An article about tornadoes in the District. Yes, they do occasionally happen, folks.

Song: "Just give a snap, a clap, and a chuckle (ha ha!) any time you feel a bit dismayed. Give a snap, a clap, and a chuckle (ha ha!), and then you won't feel afraid!" (See?)

Quote: Meanwhile, at the rate this week has gone, we might be in for a stormy summer in Washington...

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