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April 29, 2009, 9:52 PM

First of all, hello from Stuarts Draft, where I will be through Tuesday.

It’s funny… after we all said hello, I looked at today’s Staunton News Leader, and look at what sprang up from their front page:

Typo on the front page of the Staunton News Leader

It appears that VDOT just finalized 232 jub cuts. What’s a “jub”? I’ve heard of a “job”, and even a “jorb“, but never a “jub”.

Of course, we know what they really meant, and that VDOT finalized 232 “job” cuts. But geeeeez… they must have had an epic fail day at The News Leader to let that little oopsie get through to the newsstands, and on the front page above the fold, no less. You would think that someone would have caught it. If not the bozo that made the typographical error, you’d think that someone involved in proofreading and/or approval would have caught it. But no… this made it to publication and was printed. On the front page, no less. Oops.

And for those of you who think I’m being overly hard on them, spelling things correctly, including not making typographical errors, is indeed important. You know how they say that any typo on a resume will cause it to hit the wastebasket? Works both ways. Whenever I’ve been looking for jobs, I would stop reading a job description if I spotted a typo in their description. After all, if a company doesn’t care enough about detail to check itself over for typos on things being circulated for the public, what makes you think that I would want to work for them? Seriously, not spelling everything correctly on materials going out to the public makes you look like an IDIOT. See if I ever take you seriously again…

Hopefully, after this major case of epic fail, The News Leader will get its act together and spell correctly. Maybe a few people’s “jubs” will be in jeopardy over this. Or perhaps the responsible parties are getting chewed out for it as we speak. Either way, though, I as a reader considered this unacceptable, and I certainly hope the paper does as well.

Web site: The News Leader's Web site. Feel free to mention this Journal post on their site, about the typo on the front page of the April 29, 2009 edition.

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Quote: Meanwhile, I still find it amusing how many people can't seem to spell my name. I've seen my last name in the newspaper spelled so many different ways: "Schuman", "Schuminn", "Shumin", you name it. I still get laughs, though, about when then-Senate candidate Oliver North was signing autographs at Wright's Dairy Rite in Staunton as part of a campaign stop. North signed the picture, all right, but spelled it "Schuman". I just said, "Don't forget to dot the 'I'!" And so he kind of tried to correct it, but it looked like a dotted "A" in the end. No wonder he lost in 1994, if he can't even be bothered to spell the name correctly when I spelled it out for him...

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