I am shocked…

April 26, 2009, 12:58 AM

According to Luke, it would seem that the protests today against the World Bank and the IMF in DC this weekend turned hot and heavy on Saturday, with pepper spray and injuries:

I literally watched this video open-mouthed, as I was shocked by what I saw, as the protests turned ugly. I also realized that I really dodged a bullet on this one, because if not for the fact that I needed a day to prepare for a trip out of town next week, I would have probably been right in the thick of this battle in the streets, where pepper spray was used on demonstrators, and protesters were allegedly sent over a fence and into a park, and one demonstrator was sent to the hospital for a broken leg.

I consider many of these anti-capitalist demonstrators as my friends, and would hate to see anything happen to any of them. This distresses me greatly. I am planning on turning out for the mainstream march on the same issue on Sunday at 2 PM in Dupont Circle, and hopefully I will see all of my friends show up to that demonstration uninjured, and that the prognosis for those injured is good.

Web site: DC Indymedia: Pepper Spray, a broken leg-and a "tank"!

Song: Kind of speechless, really.

Quote: It's interesting that I'm turning out only for the mainstream march this weekend. I usually don't turn out for just the mainstream march, as I believe that the more in-your-face approach of direct action is a far more effective and noticeable tactic. But considering that I am going to be out of town for a week on Wednesday, I needed the day to prepare.

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