“Priceless, Johann!”

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April 24, 2009, 7:34 PM

I think that says it best, because my favorite left-wing radio talker, Randi Rhodes, is finally returning to the air on May 11, after which will, by then, have been be a three-month absence from the radio. The last few months have been full of chatter about unfulfilled contract negotiations with Rhodes’ old syndicator, Nova M Radio and wondering when Rhodes would return, and I’ve been filling my commutes with The Mike Malloy Show due to lack of Randi Rhodes.

And let me tell you, I’m glad that Randi Rhodes will be back. I missed the various features of the show. I missed the “pop” sound effect for first time callers, and her various other sound effects. I missed the various comedic bits at the top of the second and third hours. Hell, I even missed “Bounce Your Boobies” on Fridays.

I will, however, miss listening to Mike Malloy, though. Malloy was good to me during the last few months. Randi Rhodes was replaced on Nova M with Nancy Skinner, whom I found almost unlistenable. She just didn’t have “it”, whatever “it” is. But Malloy provided a great show to listen to, though his style is just a tad too coarse for my tastes.

But come May 11, I’ll be glad to be able to listen again. Oddly enough, though, she’s being syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks, which also syndicates right-wing gasbag Rush Limbaugh. I always figured that Randi Rhodes would end up on Jones Radio, which syndicates people like Neal Boortz, Stephanie Miller, and Ed Schultz. I never thought she’d end up with Rush’s syndicator. Never. But perhaps unlike Air America, about whom Rhodes said, “…we got new owners, because it’s Thursday, so we got new owners at Air America for a change…” (referring to somewhat routine changes in ownership), and Nova M, which abruptly went under this year, perhaps with Premiere, Rhodes will find stability and the support she needs. Let’s hope so.

Meanwhile, one of the interesting bits about the announcement is that Randi Rhodes will be broadcasting from Washington DC rather than New York (as with Air America) and West Palm Beach, Florida (as with Nova M). How cool is that! Who knows… maybe I might one day spot Randi walking her dog Simon somewhere in DC…

Otherwise, I wore my Power Rangers shirt to work again today. And here’s the picture that spawned the joke of the day:

Power coffee!

Drinking my “Power Coffee” in the morning. You always wondered why the Power Rangers were so peppy, right? I’ll bet you that they were drinking the Power Coffee in the morning, too. And let’s admit – I like my coffee strong in the morning.

Web site: Premiere Radio press release about Randi Rhodes' return to the air

Song: Not a song, but funny. Imagine the Power Rangers showing up in the Command Center in the early morning all groggy.
Zordon: "Good morning, Rangers! Have some coffee!"
Alpha: "Ai yi yi, Tommy, you look tired today! I made it extra strong this morning just for you!"

Quote: I'm just excited to see Randi Rhodes return to the air. Where do I sign up for the podcast?

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