And then today… flash raid!

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April 22, 2009, 11:42 PM

Building on the success of the April “global raid” on Saturday, we flash-raided Wednesday evening. We were ready, too, and capitalized on the alleged assault on one of our Anons that happened on Saturday. I made a sign that said, “What kind of religion PHYSICALLY ASSAULTS its critics? The CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY!” Additionally, I brought forty copies of a “wanted poster” that another Anon made up about the assault that included the case number. I came over straight from work.

I actually had planned to flash raid on Tuesday, but a few things came up to throw that plan off. First of all, I had to take care of something for work that evening. Secondly, the weather didn’t cooperate, as I saw lightning on the way home on Tuesday. Good thing I wasn’t out flash-raiding! As a result, all my Anon stuff (the poster, the flyers, my Guy Fawkes mask) spent the night in my “man-sized safe” at work.

But Wednesday worked out – we had beautiful weather, though it was a touch on the cold side. We had great fun, the Org was hopping, and we enturbulated the people at the Org. We also gave out ALL of our flyers.

And get this – one of my coworkers swung by the raid. Take a look:

A coworker swings by the raid.

How cool is that! And even though it is a known fact that the cult of Scientology knows who I am, it’s still funny to see people say my name out loud while I’m out wearing the mask, as this coworker did. This has happened before, and it always amuses me.

So there you go! Not a bad time. Flash raids are fun because they’re a bit more spontaneous, and there’s also a lot more emphasis on engaging passers-by and activism, and less in the way of lulz (though don’t get me wrong – lulz are awesome, too).

And this marks three Journal entries in one day – I’m exhausted!

Web site: Tory Christman addresses the parents of Anonymous...

Song: Scientology Pwned

Quote: Meanwhile, it's amusing - my parents got me a small laser printer in December, and what has it been doing for most of the time? Running off Anon flyers. Seriously, that's about all I use it for. But hey, it works.

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