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April 17, 2009, 9:20 PM

So this Friday, I wore my new Power Rangers t-shirt to work. And here I am, at my desk, as seen with my office Mac’s camera:

Wearing the Power Rangers t-shirt

As you can see, this is not one of those dorky t-shirts that has the logo and shows a bunch of inaccurately-drawn Power Rangers. After all, the costumes on the TV show never had the animal emblem on the chest, save for the White Ranger’s tiger insignia (because the white costume came from Dairanger, while the others’ came from Zyuranger). This shirt is supposed to imitate the actual costumes that the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers wore. Thus this shirt’s main thrust is the big diamond on the front and the two triangles on each side. And then of course, the belt complete with morpher.

My coworkers, meanwhile, just loved it. Some recognized it as Power Rangers right off the bat, while others recognized it as being based on an old TV show, but couldn’t say what. Interestingly enough, the most-guessed show after the correct one was ThunderCats. Go fig.

And of course, I had a little fun with it. I often give a joke answer to coworkers before I give the real answer to their question, and working the shirt into that was fun. A coworker asked me today if we had a power strip for a tabling in a few days, and so I just pointed to the Triceratops power coin and pretended to offer it up for their use. The coworker just cracked up, and then I found a long extension cord with multiple plug ends on it. Problem solved!

And for offering a power coin as a source of electricity, though, I think if Zordon were real, he’d kill me.

Web site: Here's where I got the shirt, by the way, if you want one. It fits well, and looks really good, too, if you ask me.

Song: Someone put together a video of an unused Kakuranger monster done up to look like it was part of the American show. They did a good job of it, if you ask me. The monster's voice is that of the Scarlet Sentinel from the second season ("White Light"), but otherwise, I couldn't tell you the source of the other sound effects or the bad guy scene.

Quote: "Rangers, come to the Command Center. I have cheese!" Sorry, this still just cracks me up...

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