Friends don’t let friends wear mullets…

April 2, 2009, 9:26 PM

The fashion faux pas of the century:

Mullet lady on the Metro

No, your eyes are not deceiving you – that is a woman who appears to be in her forties or fifties sporting a mullet on the Metro this morning. And as you can see, she’s got a respectable middle-aged-woman haircut going on there as far back as her ears. From there, it changes to long hair, and goes past her shoulders.

One has to wonder what possessed her to decide on a mullet for a hairstyle. One has to wonder if she couldn’t decide about whether she wanted to have a long hairstyle or a short hairstyle, and so she compromised, going for the mullet look. And you know what? Along with wearing dark socks with shorts, it’s a major fashion faux pas. It’s something you just don’t do. Friends do not let friends wear mullets. Seriously, pick a hairstyle and go all the way with it. Hair is not a place to compromise.

Of course, this sight was amusing enough to photograph and pass around. I shot the photo with my cell phone, and sent it to my father and my sister. Dad said, “Looks like a super mullet!” and my sister said, “Yikes! Mullet ahoy!” One person at work asked me what would happen if the perpetrator of this crime against good fashion found this site and saw herself on there being made fun of. I said, “Well… first of all, legally, she can’t do anything about it, because it was shot from a public place. And then as far as making sport of her goes, maybe it will shame her into getting a better haircut.” Or at least one would hope it would shame her into getting a better haircut. Mullet wearers can be surprisingly dense.

Otherwise, though, it’s been great having Mom in town. This evening, I took Mom up to Adams Morgan for dinner, where we went to The Reef. This was my second time going to The Reef, and it’s so awesome. They have fish tanks all over the place, the food is organic, and the fish are sustainably handled.

Plus after walking all the way up to Adams Morgan from Dupont Circle, you can really build up an appetite, since it’s about a twelve block walk there from my office building, and a lot of it is uphill. And then leaving the restaurant, we walked to Woodley Park-Zoo station, going over the Duke Ellington Bridge. That was interesting, because I explained to Mom about how suicide fencing works on these bridges. The idea is to make it really difficult to jump off the bridge and commit suicide, so that only the truly determined will take their lives because the fence is really high and curves inwards at the top. I explained that without the fence, one could end up over the side without much effort. And that would be bad, since it’s a long way down to Rock Creek Park. Next time anyone saw you, you’d be a splat on the ground. Not fun.

And then tomorrow… it’s Friday, ya bastards!

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Quote: Meanwhile, I had to remind Mom about the fact that there is a smoking ban as it relates to bars and restaurants in the District of Columbia. After all, Mom lives in Virginia, where bars and restaurants are still allowed to be smoky (though not for much longer). I explained that there's been a smoking ban in DC since around 2006, citing a Journal entry where a coworker was surprised to see me defending then-President George W. Bush over the local smoking ban in DC.