It’s the world of Monsieur Stenchy, where even a skunk can come out smelling like… a rose!

March 31, 2009, 11:45 PM

I think that phrase, from an episode of Power Rangers Zeo, could be used to describe my apartment. Seriously. Mom’s coming over tomorrow, and so I made sure this place was in tip top shape. I dusted, I scrubbed, I shined, I mopped, I swept, I vacuumed, you name it. Anything to make the place look less “lived in”. After all, you really don’t want to show your mother how you really live. I carefully control the way my mother views her little boy’s apartment. Any time my mother comes to visit, the place is all shined up and looking awesome. And that’s important, after all.

Plus it’s kind of nice to have the house smelling all clean, too, since otherwise, it can kind of start to smell like whatever, and what “whatever” is depends on many factors, and it’s not always a pleasant thing depending on what’s going on. This time, the cleaning wasn’t to the extent of the total clean I did in December, where I really went to town on the place including shampooing carpets, but that’s a once-a-year kind of cleaning, and we’re not there yet. Nonetheless, I want to make sure Mom is comfortable here while she’s in town for the Virginia Writing Project, where teachers meet in Washington to meet with legislative offices and such, to promote writing in schools. And for the Virginia Writing Project, I find it amusing that Mom will be spending NO time in Virginia whatsoever, since all the activity will be held in the District of Columbia, and she’s staying with me in Maryland.

So I’m excited. And then Mom and I are probably going to hit up IKEA on Saturday after all the writing stuff is over with. Whatever happens, though, my mother will see a neat apartment. After all, I have made sure that it’s like being in the world of Monsieur Stenchy, where even a skunk can come out smelling like a rose.

Web site: The National Writing Project, which is the whole thing Mom's coming to Washington for in the first place

Song: Meanwhile, I did a little miscellaneous grocery shopping this evening, and discovered that someone grazed the Sable's back bumper at some point. I have a nice scuff mark on the far right side of the back bumper from that. To whomever left their autograph on my rear bumper, thanks - I really appreciate it (yeah, right). It's one thing when you have a mark from grazing someone else's car, because at least then you can account for how you got the mark on there. I once grazed an Adelphia Cable van with the Previa that was badly parked in my parents' driveway back in 1997. That was not long after the Previa had just come back from major repairs after an accident, which included new bumpers. Yeah, nice scuff mark on that new bumper. Gotta break it in somehow, no? But yeah, when I can't account for it, getting grazed just annoys me. And this isn't the first time I got grazed - the first time was in 2006. That time, the jackass did it while I was in the car, and I watched him do it. This time, I was parked somewhere and nowhere near the car, and made the unfortunate discovery in the Giant parking lot...

Quote: "It's the world of Monsieur Stenchy, where even a skunk can come out smelling like... a rose!" - As spoken by Skull on Power Rangers

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