So what is this supposed to accomplish?

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March 9, 2009, 5:55 PM

Okay, check this out:

(Apologies for the butt crack – I have no control over that)

Scientologists in New York City were giving the Anons from there “nerve assists”. What does it do? Well… according to Scientology, it’s a way to release “standing waves” in one’s nerve channels, and is likened to the practice of Chiropractic.

However, in reality, I think that at best, all they’re doing is tickling people, and at worst, feeling around for change on your body. I think that the Anons (who didn’t reveal themselves as Anons) put it best when they said that the Scilons were smoothing out their clothes.

All I have to say is, I’ve had massages in the past, and what they’re doing is not a massage. Aside from what they claim, I don’t see any benefit to their method other than getting the wrinkles out of your clothes. And that is destroyed as soon as you so much as move.

And considering how ticklish I am, I can see their “nerve assist” being very unpleasant for me. Massages that work more deeply feel good, but if they’re too superficial, it’s just ticklish. That’s like why I can’t get a foot massage. Too sensitive. For that matter, I can’t wear sandals with any kind of texture on the sole. I can feel it, and it’s not pleasant.

Meanwhile, raid on the 14th, from 1-5. See you at the Founding Org!

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