New fire alarms at work…

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February 5, 2009, 10:54 PM

You never know sometimes what you’re going to come home with some days. I came home from work today with fire alarms in my bag. That’s not what most people would come home with, but then again, I’m not most people.

So today, they upgraded the fire alarms in our office. The Wheelock 34s and the Space Age light plates went away, and they installed Wheelock NS horn/strobes to replace them.

As such, we went from this:

Old fire alarm setup at the office

To this:

Opening after the old horn and light plate were removed

To this:

Wheelock NS partly covering the hole

And as a result of the work, I got this:

The old horn and light plate on my desk at work

Going to show that you never know what you’re going to get if you don’t ask. I asked, and I received. How cool is that – I got the old horn. I also got one of the Wheelock RSS strobes that they replaced with a horn inside our suite. Needless to say, having horns inside our suite now, it’s going to be pretty hard to miss a fire alarm. After all, I appreciate my coworkers very much, and would hate to see any of them burned to a crisp in a fire.

Meanwhile, I just hope that they install a plate or something over the opening beneath the NS horn. Unless they do some renovation work on the building, it will always be apparent that they replaced the horns due to the larger footprint of the old signals, but that opening just looks really rough, with the wires in plain view like that and all.

So all in all, the geek in me had a field day today. Fire alarm work is neat to watch.

Web site: All about fire safety and alarms and such

Song: Sound of the Wheelock NS, the new fire alarm sound at work. Beats the heck out of the old Wheelock 34 sound...

Quote: So there you go...

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