And of course the old mount didn’t fit the new projector!

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January 10, 2009, 12:25 AM

We’re replacing our projector at work, and so I got to move tables and such in order to do it. After having removed the very old and very heavy old projector from the ceiling, I went to put the new one on the mounting bracket. And guess what – the new projector does not fit on the old mounting bracket. I didn’t discover that detail until I went to put the new projector on and saw that the holes didn’t line up. So now I have to get a new mounting bracket. So I basically had to stop on that front, and wait for the new bracket to come in. And in the meantime, I have this coming out of the ceiling:

Cords coming out of the ceiling from the projector  Cords coming out of the ceiling from the projector

Basically, what you’re seeing here is all the connectors for the projector. Some are hanging out of the end of a pipe, and others are hanging loose outside the pipe. The blue things on the ends of the cords are sticky notes, which I put on there to help me remember what went where when I start hooking things up again.

You know what this whole thing reminds me of, though? The oxygen masks on airplanes. The cords remind me of the tubes on the oxygen masks, and then the stickies remind me of the facepieces on the oxygen masks.

Then of course, once the new bracket comes in, I’ll get all these cords up and out of the way again. Meanwhile, I hope everyone enjoys the new chandelier. What was amazing is how hard it was to get that old bracket off, though. Whoever installed it really did a thorough job. All the screws were in there really well, and the last part that actually screws onto the pipe was on there so tightly that I had to beat it with a hammer to get it to come loose.

Meanwhile, speaking of fixes, remember that broken piece on the back window of the Sable that rattles? Well, I “fixed” it. Take a look:

Black tape being used to hold the window together

Yes, I fixed it using the black tape method, meaning that I fixed it by putting some black tape over it. Now it doesn’t rattle anymore. Problem solved. Cost to me? Nothing. It was Dad’s tape, and I did it just before leaving Stuarts Draft last week. That will work over a few hundred dollars to get the piece replaced. Gotta love that. Wonderful advice from the Car Talk guys. I’ll really fix it eventually, but for now, black tape works for me.

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Quote: Meanwhile, I've been musing about how Barack Obama will do up the Oval Office when he takes office in ten short days. Hopefully he will do better than some of his predecessors. George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan's styles were a little too subdued, Bill Clinton's was a tad too "loud", and then don't get me started about how ugly stuff was in the 1960s and 1970s. I will admit, though, that I liked George H.W. Bush's decor. That light blue really seemed to work. So I'm excited to see what happens...

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