Would you buy a DVD collection of Today’s Special? I would!

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January 9, 2009, 12:42 AM

Tell me, does this bring back memories for you?

Well, if it does, and you want to see more, you should help us get Today’s Special to be released on DVD. Nerene Virgin (aka Jodie) and Nina Keogh (aka Muffy) are leading a campaign to get Today’s Special released on DVD, and you should join us.

Nerene Virgin posted the following:

So many of you want a DVD collection of Today’s Special episodes. TV Ontario produced the show. Call 1-800-613-0513 and ask for the Marketing Department. Say you want to buy it. PBS certainly sells programs to raise revenue and TVO should too! And a disk set would make a great incentive for their membership drive!

I’m surprised that TV Ontario – essentially a Canadian PBS – doesn’t already offer their shows on DVD. Considering that the viewers of Today’s Special are now adults, a DVD collection of the show could work in two ways. First of all, for the nostalgic adults, it’s a great way to relive one’s childhood memories. And secondly, with the possible exception of “Records“, Today’s Special has a certain timeless quality to it. Many of the lessons that it taught still ring true today. I still remember the time I had to put out a mulch fire, and drew directly from my memories of “Fire” in how to operate the fire extinguisher. Approach the fire, stay out of the smoke, pull the pin, aim for the base of the fire, squeeze the handle, and sweep side to side until the fire is completely out, and then move away from the fire. And I managed to put the fire out. With that in mind, what better way to help teach your children valuable lessons about life than with Today’s Special? Seriously.

So please, do as Jodie has asked us all to do. Call TV Ontario’s marketing department, and let’s see if we can get Today’s Special on DVD.

Web site: Today's Special fan site

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Quote: So let's see what we can pull off! Let's organize! Those of you in Toronto, it might be worthwhile to go stand outside the store and ask people to sign a petition for it. In my years of activism, I've found that if people put their mind to it, great things can happen. Let's make it happen.

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