Having returned to the mother ship between protests…

November 15, 2008, 8:41 PM

The first protest was a smashing success, and I’m now fresh as a daisy after having come home and taken a nap before returning to the streets tonight for the “rowdy” march at 11:55 at Dupont Circle.

For the first march, I cheered. This was our last opportunity to use a lot of the Bush cheers, and use them we did. No longer will we be shouting, “George Bush… you motherf—–! Hey, George Bush, can’t you see, that my body belongs to me!”

And the weather held out. I used Duckie early on because it was looking like it was going to rain, but then switched to the Kodak once I saw sky. That will be fun to put together for the set, going from one set of shots to another. The rain held out, and didn’t start until I was in the final 100 feet to Farragut North station.

Meanwhile, I once again tip my red and black radical cheerleader hat to the goddess of radio, Randi Rhodes, for giving us the phrase “privatizing the profits and socializing the losses”, as we worked it into our cheer and it went over very well.

And Christina and Jorge, two of my coworkers, showed up, too:

Christina and Jorge

I love it when I see my coworkers at these protests. And Jorge posed with me in my cheer outfit:

Jorge posed with me in my cheer outfit.

Yeah, I love my cheer outfit. It seems to work for me. Mom still hates the outfit, though, but she’s not the one wearing it.

And now, I am ready to march again, to form a black bloc heading from Dupont Circle. Hopefully we’ll have good numbers this time around. Our World Bank action last month had a somewhat intimate feel to it between demonstrators (we all knew each other), but it was still WAY too small.

Web site: The September 15 cheer sheet, with several of our soon-to-be-retired Bush cheers.

Song: Theme to The Randi Rhodes Show

Quote: Meanwhile, the whole political landscape is going to change soon, because we're going to have Barack Obama as president. He's all about "Yes, we can!" and change, and so we'll see what happens. People have high expectations for Barack Obama, and we'll have to see if he lives up to them. For George W. Bush, on the other hand, we had low expectations for him, and he managed to stun us all by going even lower than that. It's going to be so weird to have an intellectual in the White House come January rather than a cowboy. After all, we've seen how things go when you get a cowboy in the White House, and it's not good. Of course, it doesn't mean that my weekends will be free any time soon, though, since there are two wars still going on, and greedy corporations are still out there looking to exploit whatever they can for profit. Still, it will be an interesting change.

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