“It’s morphin time”?

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November 11, 2008, 9:24 AM

Okay, try to explain where this dream came from. I dreamed last night that I became a Power Ranger. Yes, a Power Ranger. It was kind of a cross between in-universe and real life, making it pretty weird.

Presumably, we were a new team of Power Rangers. I found this box that looked like a briefcase, that contained these various items. I instinctively knew how to put some of the pieces together, to make a four-segment stick about a foot long. I then shouted, “It’s morphin’ time!” and held it out in front of me, vertically, with both hands. This electronic stick took a few seconds to light up in four different colors, bottom to top, becoming very warm in the process – almost too hot to touch near the top. And then at the end of it all, I became the Yellow Ranger.

The Yellow Ranger costume I ended up morphing into looked very similar to the suits from Power Rangers in Space. It was primarily yellow, and it had the five-color bar across the chest. But unlike the show, since I was a guy, the costume had no skirt (the Yellow Ranger for “In Space” was a female). I was a male Yellow Ranger, following in the footsteps of Tideus the Alien Ranger, I suppose. But there I was – I was the Yellow Ranger, and was as surprised as anyone to be the Yellow Ranger.

So I figured two things. First of all, I must be playing the Yellow Ranger on Power Rangers now. Secondly, those items in the case were morphers. I also briefly pondered why my ranger costume was of the “In Space” style, and how saying, “It’s morphin time!” to morph was so 1990s.

Then my next-door neighbor was also there with me in the dream, and in this dream, she was supposed to have been the Red Ranger. We put another morpher together from the parts in the case, and the most she ever got was the helmet when she tried to morph. That sucked. A lot of the rest of the dream centered on the fact that if she didn’t get the whole costume, she would be unable to save the world with us, and trying to console my neighbor, who was understandably upset over the fact that the morpher didn’t work. I also felt guilt that I was in a Yellow Ranger suit, because my morpher worked. We tried a number of ways to try to fix it to get her to morph. We took the morpher apart. We put it back together. We got her to try several times to morph with it. I tried seeing if I could get it to work, albeit already in morphed form. All to no avail. I, however, was confident that we could get her to morph so that she could be the Red Ranger.

Then I went off to see what I could figure out about the other morpher. I ended up having to go up a long flight of stairs along the outside of what looked like a warehouse or something. About three quarters of the way up, I saw the main villain, who kind of looked like Ecliptor from Power Rangers in Space, but with a more vertically elongated head. He was standing to one side on a landing, talking to another unnamed bad guy. I was worried about what might happen as I passed him, since I had to go up those steps that he was chatting on to get where I needed to go, and he was the villain, and I was the Yellow Ranger. Thankfully, it went off uneventfully, as I went by, unnoticed, in morphed form, though without the helmet, which I had taken off earlier to better help my neighbor to morph. I figured that the reason I wasn’t noticed is because we were literally a brand new Power Ranger team, and the bad guys didn’t know what we looked like yet.

And then I woke up. That’s always a real buzz killer, isn’t it? I was no longer the Yellow Ranger, and was instead wearing my $7.00 pajama pants that I’d fallen asleep in the night before. All in all, though, that was a really weird dream, and I was thinking about it for a while after getting up. Though it was kind of interesting to morph into a Power Ranger, and the fact that the morph call (“It’s morphin time!”) and the ranger suit were from the classic era.

Go figure, I suppose. I consider this right up there with the time years ago that I dreamed I was inside the Spaceship Warlock game, which was equally odd.

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