My sister is at the big Obama event in Chicago!

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November 4, 2008, 10:26 PM

My sister, Ann Schumin, and her fiance Chris, are at the big Obama event at Grant Park in Chicago. Take a look:

Grant Park on election night

Grant Park on election night

How cool is that! I’m sure they’re having a blast, and the two of them look really cute with their Obama face-paint. And it’s looking good for the Obama campaign, as NBC is projecting 207-135 in Obama’s favor as of this writing. Barack Obama’s got Ohio, and the old saying goes that no Republican has ever won without carrying Ohio.

So I hope that they have fun tonight! This will be a truly historic moment if Barack Obama pulls this off, and this crowd will definitely be going crazy. I’ve still got the TV on, and hopefully it will be settled before I go to bed…

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