And there you have it!

October 23, 2008, 9:41 PM

The costume is complete – well, at least the “A” side is complete. I still have to finish the “B” side of the costume. Still, take a look:

The completed Metro costume

Just like I indicated it would look, no? And no Metro trains were harmed in the process of making this sign-board. I traced a drinking glass to make the head and taillights, I made the “RED” sign on, and then the head sign is based on a real Breda head sign, from lettering that I made back in 2005. See?

Breda head sign on "RED"

I have flip-dot and LED versions of all the head signs, and I also have many different destinations done up in both flip-dot and LED versions. That’s why “RED” is off-center – because there are six letter spaces on the sign between the color bars, and only three letters are used.

But there you go. My costume is complete. And it smells like king-size Sharpie in here…

Web site: Oren's Transit Page photos of WMATA Bredas, pre-rehab.

Song: Old 3000-Series style Breda buzz...

Quote: And for those interested, here's what I have for destinations already made up:

Flip-dot: Addison Road (Blue), Branch Avenue (Green), Brookland-CUA (Red), Franconia-Springfield (Blue), Glenmont (Red), Greenbelt (Green), Grosvenor (Red), Huntington (Yellow), Largo Town Center (Blue), Mt. Vernon Sq (Yellow), New Carrollton (Orange), No Passengers, Shady Grove (Red), Silver Spring (Red), Union Station (Red), and Vienna (Orange).

LED: All of the flip-dots, plus Fort Totten (Yellow), and Twinbrook (Red)

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