One has to wonder what’s going on with this…

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October 15, 2008, 7:15 PM

One really must wonder what kind of construction work is going on here:

Sign announcing the temporary closure of the Glenmont bus loop

Makes me wonder, that’s for sure. According to Metro, the bus loop will be closed for three weeks for repaving. What’s wrong with this picture? The bus loop was completely resurfaced last November, over the span of about a month. During that time, the work was done in sections, where the existing concrete was completely removed, exposing the soil. Then the soil was prepped again, and the concrete was laid again. Thus the bus loop was totally replaced – not just a mere resurfacing. And since it was done in sections, the bus loop was open the entire time. With the existing bus loop pavement being less than a year old, one has to wonder just what they’re doing, and one starts to wonder if the various local governments are right to think that they’re throwing money down a rathole when it comes to funding Metro. So this construction work had better be good if it’s going to inconvenience me for a bus loop that was just recently redone as it is.

Meanwhile, I want to know where all these buses are expected to load on the northbound side of Georgia Avenue. Normally, the northbound Y, the 51, and the 31 load on the northbound side on Georgia Avenue, in a special bus lane. The 31 and the 51 rarely are in there at the same time, and then the Y is ahead of the Ride-Ons. Add all the C routes, plus all the other Ride-On routes, and it’s getting mighty crowded over there with all those buses trying to squeeze into this little lane that could hold three or four buses, tops. Plus one wonders how the buses will be routed that come from the north, like the Y and the 51. Both of them come from north of Glenmont on Georgia Avenue, and service Glenmont on the bus loop on their southbound runs. I wonder if they’ll send them down Glenallan Avenue to Layhill Road to get them into position.

I don’t know… seems like this will be an awful inconvenience for work on a bus loop that’s practically new. Like I said, this had better be good.

Web site: "Glenmont bus loop to close this weekend for repaving: Bus loop will be closed for nearly a month" - WMATA press release on the work

Song: From the 51: "Georgia Avenue and Glenallan Avenue. Georgia Avenue and Epping Road. Georgia Avenue and Weller Road. *ding* (in a different voice) Stop requested."

Quote: Yeah, they'd better be paving it in gold or something here...

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