Time for a fun little craft project…

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October 14, 2008, 10:30 PM

It’s getting close to halloween already, and we’re having a costume party at work. I am going as something that showcases one of my little geekish interests and will certainly be unique. Specifically:

Breda 4000-Series car

Yes, I’m going to be a Metro train. The way I’m pulling that off is I’m going to make a big sandwich board. Both sides will be a train front. It’s going to be either a Rohr or a Breda – I’ve not decided yet. The reason I want to be one of those two is because then I can put the big “RED” sign in the door and look all spiffy like that. And then I could wear my orange shirt with it to be the seats.

So I went to Michaels and went to town. I bought foamboard, paint, and some glue to make it all. Needless to say, I bought a lot of brown paint. After all, this is Metro.

This was my no means my first time in a Michaels, but it always impresses me. Just about everything you could ever think of for arts and crafts is right there. And the employees are highly knowledgeable about where all the stuff is, which is always a plus. Compare to Target, for instance, where I’ll ask three different employees where something is and get three different answers.

Meanwhile, Michaels has changed since last I was over there. In the past the employees were quite easy to spot, since they all wore these bright red aprons. Michaels has since switched to a uniform, and the employees now are dressed in black shirts and khaki pants. Not so easy to spot anymore. They blend in with the scenery too much, and thus they’re harder to distinguish from the customers at a glance. I just wonder if Michaels corporate office thought this one through completely. Considering how retail is, it’s not that hard to occasionally mess up what you’ve got on. And that apron, like the vest in Wal-Mart, was a good protectant for clothes when the merchandise occasionally goes kaplooie and stuff splatters. Especially when retail employees aren’t paid that well to begin with, wrecking a shirt you had to buy yourself, vs. something that the company pays for, can be an expensive proposition.

So now I have to figure out how to make a Metro train out of all this junk that I just bought. Might be fun. And I can’t wait to see my coworkers’ reactions to it on halloween…

Web site: This has nothing to do with what we're talking about, but it's a cool Power Rangers scene.

Song: "Der Die Das", a song from Sesamstrasse. I like the tune, and caught myself whistling it recently.

Quote: And now, time to start crafting...

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