So here are the new glasses…

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October 1, 2008, 7:06 PM

So this is what I look like in my new glasses:

New glasses

As you can see, these are a bit squarer than my old glasses, which were themselves a bit squarer than the pair before that. It’s a nice progression there.

My father said I look handsome and smart in my new glasses. Meanwhile, I was not too pleased with the smile in this photo. It looks forced, doesn’t it? I took it on my office Mac first thing in the morning, and I had not had coffee yet.

But those are the new glasses, and so far, I like them, but they still need a minor adjustment, as they’re slightly up on one side, and I’m noticing it. But I think we have a winner.

Web site: wiseGEEK on buying new glasses

Song: From Today's Special: "My glasses make me feel so fine, feel so fine, 'cause they are mine! My glasses make me feel so fine, I really like my glasses!"

Quote: So there you go. And yes, once I have coffee, the smile starts looking more natural.

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