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The big vacation starts in three weeks, and the mini-vacation starts in mere days… I’m excited!

August 1, 2008, 11:17 PM

Yes, August is going to be fun, since I’m spending about a week and a half of it away from the office, recharging my batteries.

First of all, I will be on a “mini-vacation” for three days next week plus the weekend. I’m spending half of it up here with Katie, who’s coming up to see me. We’re going to be running around DC one day, cooling off at Splashdown Waterpark the next, and then wandering around Potomac Mills on the third day before we head down to Stuarts Draft. I’ll be returning Katie home, and then going to see my parents, whom I’ve not seen in Stuarts Draft since May (they have come up to DC on a few occasions since then).

However, seeing my parents in Stuarts Draft is kind of a mixed blessing for me. On one hand, I love seeing my parents, and enjoy spending time with them. Our relationship has improved greatly now that we don’t share a house anymore. We have a blast together. On the other hand, there is nothing to do in Stuarts Draft and vicinity. There is this plethora of new shopping in Staunton and Waynesboro… but I can get all of it two or three times over in Montgomery County, Maryland, where I live, with the most important places for me within five miles of my house. But yeah, aside from maybe cow tipping, there’s not much to do in Stuarts Draft. Why do you think I was always going up to Washington DC every chance I got while I was living in Stuarts Draft?

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