Ever wondered what a single person’s apartment looks like?

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August 12, 2008, 10:52 PM

I was fiddling around with the Kodak camera a little bit this evening, trying to figure some stuff out. Specifically, I was trying to figure out how to overcome a focus problem where photos come out really pixelly. I think I have that figured out how to turn the feature that’s responsible for that problem off, but while I was playing around, I also screwed around with the panoramic shot mode.

What the panoramic mode does is take three images and stitch them together in the camera, giving you an edge to use to line it all up in the second and third images. And since I was practicing at home, let me show you what a “bachelor pad” looks like…

My living room, facing the balcony door

My living room, facing the back

The first photo I took while sitting at my computer, and did the shots freehand. The second one I shot while the camera sat on the coffee table. And as you can see, I still need to decorate. There’s hardly anything on the walls, and I have lots of unused picture frames waiting to be filled with wonderful memories and hung up. That’s a major item on my to-do list right there. Especially since I got all this new camera equipment recently that’s just begging to be taken for a few serious spins. It’s like Ernest said on an episode of Hey Vern, It’s Ernest!: “Look at my sweet tooth, Vern. It wants to dance!”

So there you have it. Enjoy my living room.

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Quote: You know I still have to correct myself when referring to the Kodak? Because it's of similar shape, feel, and function to Big Mavica, I keep wanting to refer to it as "Big Mavica". I have to keep reminding myself that Big Mavica has gone on, and that this is the Kodak. I wonder if Jory Caron ever had this kind of problem, what with all of his microwaves named Diane, Sandra, Helga, and Lacey. I wonder if he's ever gotten names confused. I don't have the name problem with Duckie, however...

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