“Ask me why I’m NOT wearing a mask!”

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July 18, 2008, 10:06 PM

After the final day of Plone training at American University, I rode down to Dupont Circle – not to go to the office, mind you. Anonymous was holding a “flash raid” ahead of tomorrow’s “Over 9000 Anon March” in front of the Lincoln Memorial. That usually involves a handful of people in Guy Fawkes masks or other kinds of masks protesting Scientology. They’re called “flash raids” because they’re quick and often called on very short notice.

So leaving the house this morning, I grabbed a hat and a bandanna and stuck it in my bag for the flash raid. However, I had a revelation around 2:00. What’s the point of my masking up for this one? The reason why participants in Anonymous wear masks in the first place is to protect against the Church of Scientology’s practicing Fair Game on them by concealing their identity. However, I received the cease-and-desist letter from the Church of Scientology’s lawyers. So they know about me. I’m “outed”. They know I’m part of Anonymous. So what’s the point of masking up? I didn’t see one, so the bandanna and hat stayed packed.

I also got to take a moment to celebrate my cease-and-desist letter with another anon who goes by “Heidi”, who also got a cease-and-desist letter. Same law firm, and same letter except for the last two paragraphs. And we had a quick strategizing session on how to capitalize on that. What we came up with was a little play on the classic Anonymous sign that reads, “Ask me why I’m wearing a mask.” We went unmasked, and our signs said, “Ask me why I’m NOT wearing a mask.” Check it out:

"Ask me why I am NOT wearing a mask!"

And quite a number of people took our lead and asked us why we weren’t wearing masks at the Anonymous raid. And we got to explain about Scientology’s “Fair Game” policy to them, and how we both got cease-and-desist letters from Scientology’s lawyers. And of course we handed out flyers for tomorrow’s big raid on the Mall.

My favorite was when a father and his two children approached me. The little boy asked the question the sign was requesting, about why I was not wearing a mask. I got to explain to him what “Fair Game” was all about and the cease-and-desist letter. I also pointed out the other person who received a letter. Then the little girl asked me why I was wearing the tie-dye shirt. That one kinda stumped me for a second, because I wasn’t expecting it. I just told her I that didn’t really plan that, and it was just what I happened to pull out of the closet this morning.

So all in all, it was a great flash raid! We had a great time, and we put a great new twist on the “Ask me why I’m wearing a mask” concept, considering the circumstances. And I hope to see everyone at the “Over 9000 Anon March” at the Lincoln Memorial tomorrow at 11:00 AM. Hoping for EPIC WIN tomorrow!

Web site: Anon Legal Department

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Quote: By the way, I've had a flurry of requests from a lot of people who want to see my cease-and-desist letter. You will. I'm going to scan it to a PDF and post it up.

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