Let’s all say, “Go, team, go!”

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June 25, 2008, 9:27 PM

I think that would be appropriate. Food & Water Watch, where I work, has a team for a summer volleyball tournament on the Mall. And on my way home, I ran into them on the Metro heading towards their first game. So here’s everyone on Breda 4058 this evening…

In that last picture, everyone else wanted to make sure I was in there, too, so there I am, even though I’m not on the volleyball team. Doesn’t everyone look great in their volleyball team t-shirts? I don’t know how they did yet, but we’ll find out tomorrow.

Meanwhile, look for a game or two on Schumin Web before it’s all said and done…

Web site: By the way, Breda 4058, where we had this impromptu rush-hour photo session, is also where, back in 2005, I was offloaded for mechanical problems. Memories, memories, memories...

Song: Still listening to Deep Breakfast - now we're down to "Pastorale" on the album.

Quote: Pretty cool, no?

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