What are you talking about? Coffee’s supposed to taste like sludge!

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June 5, 2008, 10:50 PM

It’s funny… at work, the coffee drinkers have for the most part gone into two camps. There are the ones who would happily make it so strong that the spoon stands up, and those who like weak coffee.

I’m part of the “sludge” crowd. There is a dedicated group of us who gets to the Bunn-O-Matic in the morning and make strong coffee. Some people describe it as being like castor oil. I prefer the term “sludge”, myself. And if anyone asks why I like the coffee like sludge, I just smile. And not just a regular smile, either. It’s that kind of smile that’s so much so that it works muscles all down your neck and on your chest. The I’ve-had-too-much-caffeine smile. I love it.

Of course, I always cut myself off at noon. No more coffee past noon, which paves the way for a nap on Metro some evenings. Yesterday after work, I really must have been pooped – I fell asleep before Brookland-CUA, and next thing I knew, it was Glenmont. Usually, if I fall asleep on Metro, I briefly wake up around Fort Totten or Takoma, and then also around Forest Glen or Wheaton. Usually if it’s Wheaton, I end up staying awake to Glenmont, because I don’t see any point of nodding off again, being so close.

Meanwhile, after work today, I took a quick detour to the Founding Church of Scientology. Turns out that Anonymous was having a “flash raid” outside of there, and so I swung by. Being something I only found out about on my lunch hour today, I was unprepared. I would have at least brought a bandanna, after all. But when I got there, there were about four people, and they all knew me. Two were wearing V for Vendetta masks, one in sunglasses, and another had no mask at all like me. But we had a good time. We demonstrated against Scientology (even if I could only stay for fifteen minutes), and I got to tell them about my pirate costume for the upcoming Scientology protest called “Operation Fleet Week”, and also the serious costume I’m working on for Anonymous, in order to truly move beyond a modified version of black bloc for Anonymous demos. Erin from work will never recognize me in this. I can almost guarantee it.

I really should keep a Guy Fawkes mask in my office at work, considering Scientology’s so close to my office building. Plus, since Scientology owns the Embassy Building on the same block as my office, you never know when Anonymous might flash-raid right next to my office. That might be fun.

So there you go.

Web site: Wikipedia on Anonymous

Song: Rickroll'd!

Quote: Yes, coffee's supposed to taste like sludge.