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May 8, 2008, 10:55 PM

Look what my neighbor and I found in front of our apartment complex upon our return from work today:

I was just like, What the heck… when I saw this, because it honestly looked like those news photos you see after some natural disaster, where debris is scattered all over the landscape.

As I was told, someone neatly stacked a bunch of boxes and furniture up on the sidewalk, presumably in anticipation of moving. I was told that Montgomery County police even guarded the setting for a number of hours before finally saying the hell with it, as no one had come back to remove it. Thus the townspeople, well, went to town on it, rooting through it, and taking whatever they wanted from it. I’m told there was a lot more originally, and that this was what was left after people had taken from it.

It actually made me somewhat sad to see it, because you could tell that this was someone’s entire life strewn about on the sidewalk here, as there were very personal items, like photos, scattered about along with furniture, clothes, and whatever else was in there. I also quickly realized, considering it had rained for much of the day, that even if the stuff’s owner does recover that which didn’t get looted, most of it was ruined by being rained on all day. And it’s getting ready to storm tonight, as there’s thunder and lightning going on outside here as I write this.

So we’ll see what happens, I suppose. This is actually the location of my bus stop for the morning commute, and so we’ll see whether all this stuff is still there tomorrow morning, or if it’s been removed. I’m hoping I won’t have to wade through it all to catch the 51 in the morning.

Web site: Flickr with more photos of abandoned furniture...

Song: "Longer to Think"

Quote: And in case people are wondering, no, I didn't take anything aside from photos of the scene. Number one, I have no use for waterlogged furniture. Secondly, it would have felt really wrong to do so...

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