I have about 7 GB of SD card volume now – think that’s enough?

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May 3, 2008, 2:23 PM

After a trip down to Stuarts Draft on Friday night, Mom and I went to Costco in Harrisonburg to get various odds and ends. Among other things, I got two 2 GB SD cards to use on the new cameras. Thus I have the two 1 GB Polaroid SD cards I bought at Target, the free 1 GB card I got from Kodak along with a fanny pack of some kind (I wouldn’t call that thing a camera bag), and now these two 2 GB ones from Costco. And I hope I’m all set. I get like 200 photos on a single 1 GB card on the Vivitar, and that’s 6.0 megapixels. Then I’ve been too busy to give the 10.1 megapixel Kodak a test run yet (it arrived on Wednesday), so I don’t know about how that will go, but hopefully I’ve got enough capacity now.

That’s the thing about this – I have no track record at all with the Kodak, and then I’ve only done about three photo sets with the Vivitar. That was a test set, then Operation Reconnect with Anonymous, and then counter-protesting the Nazis with my regular activist buddies. Going by Big Mavica’s standard’s doesn’t work, since everything’s bigger now. The Vivitar is 1.5 times “bigger” than Big Mavica, and the Kodak is roughly 2.5 times “bigger” than Big Mavica (remember that the “big” in Big Mavica referred to the resolution). Plus the movies are different, too. The Vivitar shoots in AVI format at 320×240 (Big Mavica shot MPEG), and then the Kodak shoots really high-resolution videos.

Meanwhile, perhaps Sunday night I can finally give the Kodak the testing that it needs. I need to test it out a little bit before I go out and do a real photo set with it. Big Mavica’s “coming out” was Autumn Leaves, and then the Vivitar’s breakout will be the not-yet-released Operation Reconnect. Don’t know what the Kodak’s breakout set will be yet, but I’ve got some ideas.

Then I still need to get more rechargable AAs for the cameras. Right now I have four, which I consider sufficient to run only one camera all day at a protest-type event. That, in fact, is what the Vivitar did on April 19 when we confronted the Nazis. It took four batteries for the day. So not bad.

But now that we’re back in business, let’s start photographing again!

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