Looks like Metro might go out to Dulles after all!

April 30, 2008, 2:48 PM

Reminds me of that song from Today’s Special that goes, “It’s wonderful news, it’s a glorious day, everything’s fine, everything is okay,” as we learn today that the FTA is going to kick in their share for Metro’s extension to Dulles.

And let me tell you something, too. Having been out that way on a few occasions, getting around out there is a real @#$%$. People drive like idiots out there in Loudoun County, and everything requires driving because it’s all sprawly. Maybe this will cause them to rethink the way they plan out there, and design a more urban setting rather than the suburban sprawl that they’ve got going out there. It would also give the privately-operated Dulles Greenway a run for its money, I’d say. That thing is downright pricey…

Plus that means that if Katie’s up there visiting family, or if Mom has another teachers’ convention up there, or if I want to visit my friend Matthew, I would be able to take Metro right out there. As it is, I pride myself on my own Metro-accessibility. Anytime I have friends over, I tell them to take Metro to Glenmont and then I’ll pick them up at the West Kiss and Ride and drive them the mile and a half back to my house. And with the price of gas anymore, Metro is golden (even if a lot of the seats are orange and brown).

So all in all, not bad. And they’re also going to continue to hold Metro’s feet to the fire as far as maintenance is concerned, so perhaps it will reduce Red Line delays in the end. Should be interesting regardless…

Web site: "Feds to fund Metro extension to Dulles International Airport" from Washington Business Journal

Song: Theme to "Will It Blend". I was telling a coworker about it today, and how it would be neat to have a blender like that (thing costs $400), and then someone else walked by and said, "Ben, you are not blending office supplies." I was like, "Darn!"

Quote: So hopefully we'll hear train operators say "Silver Line to Wiehle Avenue" before too long, once they build the first segment...

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