And Ride On welcomes Pope Benedict…

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April 16, 2008, 7:34 PM

Even though the pope is not scheduled to visit Montgomery County to my knowledge, and certainly not ride a bus in Montgomery County, Ride On is still getting into the whole papal-visit thing:

Ride On cutaway displaying "Welcome Pope Benedict" on its sign

Yes, this is one of the Navistar cutaways that Ride On has. And they’ve decided to put a little “Welcome Pope Benedict” sign on there for the pope’s visit to Washington.

Meanwhile, Metro came out with another one of its cheesy videos for the occasion, and got in a little trouble in the media for it. Here’s the video, which features a pope bobblehead riding Metro. I of course first noticed that it was on a CAF at Huntington where they did the filming. Don’t forget, I’m the nerd here. But the Archdiocese of Washington objected to the ad, which caused Metro to pull it. Among other things, the pope bobblehead had the wrong color clothes. Sad to see the ad get yanked, though. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the ad was just like the ad with the Peeps for the Nationals opener. It was stupid, but amazingly cute. As someone who finds organized religion to be a bit much, I found it amusing for Metro to be poking fun at one of the world’s largest religious organizations to encourage people to take Metro to the papal mass tomorrow.

Meanwhile, while the devout are heading to Nationals Park, I’ll be heading to work tomorrow as usual. I just hope that Metro’s not too crowded on the Red Line. Of course, I get on at Glenmont – the end of the line – so I always get a seat.

Web site: "Stadium Undergoing Holy Renovation for Papal Mass" from WJLA

Song: Napkin, Please

Quote: Meanwhile, I had Rohr 1007 coming home from work today, which, incidentally, is the Metro car that I have on the front screen of my cell phone. The inside screen on my cell phone has a photo of the interior of Rohr 1256.

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