Metro’s experimenting with all kinds of flooring solutions…

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April 9, 2008, 7:47 PM

I got another car Metro was using to test flooring this evening. This time, it was Rohr 1062, in which they replaced the carpet in the “door zone” with grooved brown rubber flooring. Kind of like a bus aisle. This is what it looked like in place:

Door zone flooring on Rohr 1062

Not a bad idea, but I think that what they did on Alstom 6105 was a better idea. However, I think this test flooring preceded the Alstom test. And considering I ride the “Rohr Line” every day, I’m surprised this one eluded me for so long.

And meanwhile, we also found out that Metro still doesn’t get it when it comes to making things match, and that this is a transit agency that can’t handle multiple color schemes on its trains. On 1062, they changed the carpet to the pinkish color they use on the newer trains, and changed out the seat pads to match. So what color did Metro use on the flooring? Brown. That would have gone well with the orange carpet, but not with the newer color scheme. Reminds me of Breda 3283, where they put the new carpet color in, and then changed the seats to all-burgundy. But then in this car where they updated the color scheme, those bus seats that they installed were orange.

Meanwhile, speaking of flooring, you know what I kind of want to see Metro test? Black. Somehow I think that might just look really cool on Metro cars. Not the Rohrs or the 4000s with their cream-colored walls and orange seats, mind you – it would look good on the CAFs, Rehabs, or Alstoms, with their white walls and burgundy and blue seats. After all, it looked really nice on the conceptual drawings of the 7000-series cars. They ought to throw black “resilient” flooring into a Rehab or an Alstom coming out of Hornell. It might look really cool.

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