And we’re back in business!

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March 25, 2008, 10:43 PM

Yes, we’re back in business! The Vivitar 6200W waterproof camera has arrived, and I’ve fired off a few test shots. I hope you like looking at my kitchen:

Test photo, showing the stove and the microwave in my kitchen

Test photo, showing the inside of my freezer

And if that second picture of my freezer doesn’t scream out “single”, nothing will.

Also, I will be the first to admit: These are not the world’s greatest photos. Of course, those are my first shots with the new camera, so I’m not used to how to handle this thing yet. After all, this is definitely NOT Big Mavica. It’s smaller, and lighter. And unlike Big Mavica, which used CDs, this one uses SD cards. Also, this new camera uses conventional AA batteries, unlike Big Mavica, which used special proprietary Sony batteries, which cost an arm and a leg, and were not very easy to acquire. Thus on Big Mavica, if push came to shove, the batteries were the limiting factor, because once those ran out, the camera had to sit for a few hours to recharge its batteries. That’s what happened on J27. I completely discharged all my batteries, and thus I had to move to my cell phone for the rest of the day (until I drained that, too). And this new camera is waterproof, while water became the agent of Big Mavica’s downfall.

And this new camera is 6 megapixels (Big Mavica only had four). And for $95, you can’t beat it!

And lastly, you may recall that I got this new camera because Isis recommended it. She calls hers “Duckie”. I don’t think I’ll be giving it a name like that, but we’ll see what I end up calling it. After all, “Big Mavica” was a functional name, referring to the camera’s “big” resolution, and to distinguish between it and a previous Sony Mavica camera I already owned.

Meanwhile, I have also settled on what Big Mavica’s full-featured replacement will be. I will let you know what that is once I get a little further along in that process.

Web site: Considering this is the introduction of a new camera, I think that the previous camera's introduction - that of Big Mavica - would be appropriate here. And suitable for the times, Big Mavica's introduction was via photo set, while this camera is via Journal entry.

Song: Everything smells so new with this new camera. It's a weird feeling, but such is what happens when your old standby drowns in the rain, I suppose.

Quote: This is actually related to the AnonyCon entry, but I found two videos on YouTube of the AnonyCon event that I think you might enjoy. This first one shows the protest itself and a little bit of the convention (though I didn't get to have any cake), and this second one shows AnonyRave. Look for me in both of these clips. As you can tell, it was a LOT of fun.

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