Meanwhile, next Wednesday, the 19th, will be SO fun…

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March 11, 2008, 6:41 PM

Wednesday, March 19, will be SO fun. I’m taking the day off at work, and I’m going to be participating in “Funk the War 3”, which is kind of like a dance party to various organizations involved in the Iraq War, in order to register our opposition to the war. It’s sponsored by DC Students for a Democratic Society, and so this will mark my first anti-war action of 2008. Good to get an election year off on the right foot when it comes to protests.

And if you’re wondering what Funk the War 3 will be like, here’s a movie about Funk the War 2, courtesy of DC SDS.

Funk the War 2: electric boogaloo Reportback from Daniel Meltzer on Vimeo.

So we’ll see what happens. Like I said, it should be fun. And now, to take the car over to Vienna for my trip to Stuarts Draft…

Web site: DC SDS blog entry about the event.

Song: The music in the video, yo...

Quote: And of course, considering this is an SDS event, I wonder how "The Ants Go Marching" will fit into it. I consider that the unofficial SDS theme song. ^_^

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