So how does this look?

February 25, 2008, 9:12 PM

How does this look to you?

I’m considering converting the videos on-site from WMV files that you have to download to flash movies a la YouTube. This, however, is from YouTube’s sister site, Google Video. Why Google Video? Well… YouTube is very community-oriented, and it seems to be next to impossible to clip the community out of it the way they have their site set up. I’m all for YouTube, and watch it quite a bit, but when I’m preparing content for Schumin Web, YouTube’s community needs to go in the background and stay there, and Google Video doesn’t have all the community baggage with it. I think Strong Bad put it best when comparing Tangerine Dreams (The Cheat’s Mac, here symbolizing YouTube) with Tandy 400 (Strong Bad’s old-as-dirt computer, here symbolizing Google Video): “Your computer has too much computer in it and not enough typewriter.” In other words, I want something a little simpler.

Then of course the movie in question is a classic, as Mom says her immortal line, “People will think you just got out of the home.” Mom loves this video, I might add.

But if I decide to convert, this is likely what the finished product will look like. It will be this size because the videos were shot at 320×240. Thus the change to the site’s appearance will be minor, as it fits right into the existing video footprint. And of course, no more pain-in-the-butt file downloads. That’s so early 2000s, yo.

Web site: Gnooze video - I found this to be pretty funny, especially when she started doing the Russian accent

Song: "Experimental Film" by They Might Be Giants

Quote: So how does it look?

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