So the question is, how super will “Super Tuesday” be, i.e., will we have nominees by then?

February 4, 2008, 11:49 PM

So that’s what I’m wondering. With more than half the states having primaries tomorrow, and with this race being as it is, we might end up with nominees tomorrow… or we might not. After all, it’s been a downright ugly race at times, as on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has accused Barack Obama of representing a slum-lord, and Barack Obama has pointed out that Hillary Clinton was on the board of directors of Wal-Mart. Then on the Republican side, it seems that if they’re not trying to amend the Constitution to match the word of “God”, then they’re trying to compare how each matches up to Ronald Reagan, the great Republican god.

Meanwhile, I’ve officially adopted a wait-and-see attitude. I’m not particularly enthused about any of the remaining candidates. I was really excited about Dennis Kucinich’s candidacy, as exemplified by the fact that I got on the iStump for him, but now Kucinich is out, and neither Hillary or Obama really sends me like Kucinich did. I’m probably going to just hold my nose and vote for someone, but at this point, I genuinely don’t know about this current crop.

And additionally, Maryland’s primary isn’t until next week, at which time someone may already have the nomination all locked up. Plus I’m a registered independent, so in Maryland, I believe that means I sit out the presidential primary and just vote in the general (though there are other races in Montgomery County to vote on in the primary, if not mistaken). So Maryland’s primary, as far as presidents go, might be a moot point.

So all in all, I’m excited. Half of me wants to see someone lock up a nomination so that we’re all done with it, but the other half of me wants to see the no-nominee thing last until the conventions, so that maybe the conventions will actually be something more than just a coronation. It will also possibly give the demonstrators outside more influence, if it’s not necessarily a done deal going in. I also cringe at the idea of having to deal with nine months of two candidates going after each other, since after all, in the whole presidential election cycle, you have about 1% substance, and 99% fluff. The 1% is good, but then the 99% fluff is hard to tolerate.

And please, Super Tuesday voters, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease don’t let Mike Huckabee advance in the contest. Let’s put the brakes on him, mmkay? I didn’t think we could do any worse than George W. Bush, and then Huckabee came along, and I realized that yes, we haven’t hit rock bottom yet with George Bush, and if Mike Huckabee becomes our next president, we will…

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