Some people are SO superficial…

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December 18, 2007, 12:14 AM

You want to talk about the kinds of slimeballs that give all of us guys a bad name, this is it. Observe:

This is a commercial for Telegate, for whom you may recall I briefly worked before being laid off in 2002. I was looking at one of Telegate’s more recent commercials for their 11880 service, and this struck me as interesting. Besides the unfortunate situation of the woman having several gallons of sewage dumped on her head, did anyone notice the guy in this clip? His first thought, after laughing, is wondering if he can find another date. He just dumped her on the spot without even a word to her. Jackass. Then of course, Telegate did nothing to rectify that this guy is a jackass, because they went right into Wer, Wie, Was and displayed “11880” on the screen. Yes, use 11880 to be a superficial pig, and quickly find a new date to replace your girlfriend after she had a load of feces dumped on her. Great advertisement for your services. Of course, think about what would happen if the guy and the new date had kids. Imagine telling your children that mommy and daddy met because daddy dumped his previous girlfriend on the spot after she got a pile of poop dumped on her.

Of course, I suppose if this is how he’s going to react to such a situation, she wouldn’t want him anyway. I think if it were a girlfriend of mine, I’d be rushing to her aid, doing anything I could to (hopefully) make the situation better. Even if I couldn’t do anything, it’s the thought that counts. After all, that would be a traumatic experience. I might also call 11880, but not for the reason the guy in the commercial did. I’d be calling 11880 to find the number for a good lawyer, though, and not a hot date.

Web site: Another Telegate commercial, this one more general. I don't quite get the whole cutting-off-of-the-tie thing, though...

Song: Wer, Wie, Was

Quote: Still, speaking of people calling directory assistance for a hot date, though, you know that some people actually call 411 and 555-1212 services to ask the operator for a date? Ewww! I used to be a directory assistance operator, and I am SO glad I only had to interact with some of those people over the phone...

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