Ever seen a Wheelock push station live and in person?

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November 25, 2007, 10:26 AM

Those of us on my discussion forums have known for some years that Wheelock makes “push stations”, which are similar to pull stations, except you just push a large red button rather than pull a handle. But no one’s ever seen one. I was at the Ikea in College Park last week, and saw one. It was in their “Family Restroom” at the front of the store, in fact, and it was blue and marked “MEDICAL EMERGENCY”.

Wheelock push station at IKEA, marked "MEDICAL EMERGENCY"

So yeah, there you go. And as this is in a restroom, you can tell that some people have gotten bored in there and scraped off a few letters.

Web site: Wheelock's literature about the Series NPS push stations. I wish they wouldn't make the ones they show on the Web site look so homeland-security-esque, though...

Song: Don't have one. It's quiet in here...

Quote: By the way, I think that this just looks pretty cool, with their being a speaker and two strobes...

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