You know, you’d think I lived here or something…

November 20, 2007, 11:30 PM

Yeah, based on my activities today, you’d think I lived in Maryland or something. Today, I finally got a Maryland driver’s license. Emphasis here on “finally”. I’ve lived here for what, six months now, and I’m just now finally getting the Maryland license. So that took me a while.

Of course, I’m pleased to have a license that once again agrees with the state where I actually live. Now whenever I get carded for the Manischewitz that I occasionally buy, the birthdate will be nearer the center, vs. in Virginia, where it’s towards the edge and partly blocked by the edge of the pocket in my wallet. Likewise, when I go to the bank and they ask for my ID, now it agrees with what’s in their systems, since I changed that to my Maryland address right away online.

I also had some confirmation of the whole bombing-the-vision-test fiasco from last year, when I pretty much determined that it wasn’t me, but instead the machine, that had the problem. You may recall that last year, when I renewed my Virginia driver’s license in Staunton, I failed the vision test miserably. I was surprised. I went and had a professional eye exam, and even Dr. Patel was surprised that I failed it. This time, the vision test took all of ten seconds, and I passed with flying colors. No problem. So I’m convinced: It wasn’t my problem with the vision test. It was the machine.

And while I was at it, I finally registered to vote in Maryland. I was surprised to see that you had to declare a party in Maryland. In Virginia, the only other state where I’ve registered to vote in the past, you don’t do that. No party affiliation is asked for when registering. Maryland’s choices were Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, “Other” with a blank by it, and non-affiliated. I selected “non-affiliated”, and so therefore, I am now a “registered Independent” as these things go. I used to consider myself a Democrat, but they’ve been such a disappointment as of late. The current leadership seems too inclined to not make enough waves, too afraid to tick off anyone for fear they’ll lose their majority again. Plus I don’t like putting myself in a box. If you say “Democrat” or “Republican”, people make certain assumptions about you right offhand. I think it was best put in a piece from the Borf show, which said, “My ideology is too expansive to contain within this space.

Now I admit, though, I am supporting a Democratic candidate for president. Specifically, Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio. Unfortunately, he hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of getting into the White House, but I really like his stances on the Iraq War, the USA PATRIOT Act (what a terrible name for such an unpatriotic law), the abolition of capital punishment, “free” trade, and same-sex marriage.

So now I really feel like I live here, what with having the Maryland license and being all registered to vote now. Of course, now I just have to get the Sable registered in Maryland, for that vehicle still has Virginia tags on it.

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