“Greta says HI!”

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October 30, 2007, 7:28 PM

Just before I left work for the day today, I got a text message from Mom with a photo:

Greta says HI!

And Mom added, “Greta says HI!” It’s always nice to see Greta. I haven’t seen her in a while, after all, since I’ve not been to Stuarts Draft since September. Plus with Greta being a dog, she can’t talk on the phone.

So that was awesome, seeing Greta and all. Next time I see Greta will be on November 22, when I come down to Stuarts Draft for Thanksgiving.

Web site: Sprint commercial where the guy ordered 200 oxen, and due to his bad cell connection, he ended up with 200 dachshunds...

Song: That Petsmart commercial with the dachshund in it. I couldn't decide which dachshund video to show you, so...

Quote: BTW, speaking of commercials, I think my Internet's finally working right. It's been going fruity on me since Saturday, but today it's working all right so far. I called Comcast, and it was a problem on their end, and they were working on it. It would generally go in and out, and so I'd be like that Cingular commercial when it came to IM: "So I was on my cell phone with Leah who used to date Justin, who I saw in the library studying the anatomy of a certain friend of ours. I'm about to drop the name, and my network..." (dropped my call. Hello? I scream, it was CARRIE!) No more! My stupid Internet's working again...

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