And here we are…

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October 21, 2007, 1:30 PM

And here we are, RCDC, on October 20 in Franklin Square:

RCDC on October 20, photo Mike Flugennock
Photo: Mike Flugennock

In this photo, I’m second from the right, next to Maddy. You may recognize the outfit I’ve got on – yes, it’s the same one that I wore last halloween. The other people in the group loved it. So finally, my radical cheer outfit has seen an actual protest. Score!

Web site: The radical cheer outfit as seen last year...

Song: "3, 6, 9, debt is on the line, World Bank, IMF policies ain't fine. These countries are broke, this debt is a joke, and we're all going to hell in a little rowboat, clap clap..."

Quote: So there we are!

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