And we’re on the flip side of the “rowdy” march…

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October 20, 2007, 8:09 AM

Just as an update, I made it to the flip side of the rowdy march. That was something, with everyone in full black bloc going through Georgetown on a very wet night. But most people got out unscathed, and to my knowledge, no pepper spray was used on anyone. But that was an intense little march.

But we made it through. We were soaked, mind you, but we made it through. Now today is the permitted rally. This should be pretty tame, but draw a bigger crowd.

Remember – the cheer group meets at 10:30 at Tenleytown Metro and then will ride down together, and the main rally is at 12:30 at Franklin Square.

Web site: October Rebellion

Song: German song Wer, Wie, Was

Quote: And amazingly enough, I got everything dry overnight. Let me tell you something... I was soaked. Squeeze my hoodie and you'd get lots of water off of it. All dry!

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