You know you’ve always wanted to do this…

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October 15, 2007, 2:41 PM

You know you’ve always wanted to do this:

I can’t believe, first of all, that this guy actually did it, and that he did it and got caught on camera. Of course, he kind of got it in the end, so to speak, as the glass broke on him, and, well, I know I’d hate to have my naked butt that close to shards of broken glass. One can only imagine how this guy tried to tap-dance his way out of that incident, especially having been caught on camera. I also wonder how much he had to pay out to fix the copier, since my guess is that it was probably more than glass that got busted. Additionally, I wonder how much injury he got to his behind. I’d hate to have to tell the doctor, “Well, I was sitting on the copier to copy my behind, and the glass broke.” I hope he came up with a better story than that.

Some people…

Web site: This is an old one (mid-90s), but it's still funny. I wonder what managed to tick this guy off that much...

Song: Nothing...

Quote: Reminds me of an SNL skit from the 1990s, where they came up with the "Canon AssJet", the copier designed for copying your behind.

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