I feel good now, for the most part…

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September 4, 2007, 6:13 AM

There’s still a little bit of residual congestion going on, but otherwise, I feel good, and I once again express my gratitude that this happened over a long weekend, because it means I won’t miss any work over this.

Of course, it means that I am so behind on some of the stuff that I wanted to do for this weekend. What I did accomplish was at home – I cleaned the bathroom, and I did the laundry. I didn’t get to go grocery shopping, which means there’s still not much food in the house. Methinks I’ll hit up Shoppers tonight.

Still, I’m so glad to be feeling better again. Being sick just plain old sucks.

Web site: Ten Reasons Being Sick is Worse Than Actually Going to Work

Song: Wal-Mart Woman - Oh, dear...

Quote: So, yeah, we're back in the saddle, and after work... INFOSHOP!

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