No better weekend than a long weekend to be sick, I suppose…

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September 3, 2007, 5:44 PM

Following my day at Potomac Mills on Saturday, I was sick as a dog on Sunday. Of course, I guess there’s no better time to get sick than on a long weekend, where there is no work to miss. Goodness knows there’s no way I would have been able to go to work today if it were a regular day.

Meanwhile, everything’s going back to normal now, as the fever I’d been running has been burning off, and the sore throat has been going away, and the headache-inducing cough has been getting less and less frequent. And the lymph nodes on the right side of my neck have gone back to normal.

In all the times I’ve been sick, though, I’ve never had “swollen glands”. It was weird. Thursday it started higher up, like it was some kind of food debris that I’d failed to brush out in my lower right molars. Then the next morning, the teeth were fine, but it had gone further down into the neck, and was slightly tender to the touch, and definitely a different feel – harder than usual. Then Saturday, the throat started to kick in, being scratchy and sensitive, and then Sunday, it was full blast – fatigue, throat, glands, fever, cough, headache, congestion… you name it. No fun. About all I did all day was sleep. Sleep, get up, feel bad, go back to sleep, get up, feel bad, go back to sleep… it was a never-ending cycle.

Thankfully, though, today has been better. The fever broke, meaning I’ve been cooling back down, and I feel like this isn’t going to cause any lost time at work, which means I can be there to accept the furniture in person, vs. having to explain to someone over the phone what’s going on. Plus I hate missing work.

Meanwhile, I still have to go grocery shopping and do the laundry, which was stuff I meant to do yesterday but couldn’t due to my poor health this weekend. Both could technically hold for another day, but I want to get at least one done today. Between the two, it will probably be laundry, so that I am hopefully less sick when it comes time to go shopping, so I’m not hacking up a lung around the food. That would be bad. I’m sure Shoppers would appreciate it, too.

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Quote: I think that the last time I felt this bad was last year, when I got food poisoning from something. However, in that case it was far more intense, but went away faster.

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