“And just where they should stick out…”

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August 12, 2007, 6:40 PM

On the way back to DC, I visited with my friend Katie for a few hours. We went out for breakfast, and then just kind of hung around for a bit. Fun times.

Meanwhile, in the car on the way to breakfast, I played Katie the song that Randi Rhodes plays every Friday on her show. Turns out that Katie and her mother enjoy the song, too! And Katie knows the words about as well as I do. Funny moment. We were going along with the song:

You know girls, men aren’t the only people in the world today that have something to give, but it sure looks like it sometimes. Just look around you – men stick out all over the place. Big fat cigars! Big fat stomachs! And just where they should stick out – phhbtt! – where is it?!

Right there, I got a shower. Katie inadvertently sprayed me in the process of doing the razzberry called for in the lyrics.

Otherwise, though, we had a good time, but the drive back to DC was a little stressful. Realize that for three years, I did that Draft-to-DC drive starting while it was still dark, and finishing at Vienna at 10 AM, making some stops along the way. For the most part, the highway wasn’t all that bad. Plus, back then, the northbound/eastbound direction was the outbound trip, made while I was still nice and peppy. This trip, made on a Sunday afternoon as a return trip, was more stressful than normal. Normal route – I-81 to I-66 to the Beltway to Georgia Avenue – but more traffic along the entire route due to the Sunday afternoon-ness of it. Part of my reason for taking the trips so early when I did my DC trips was to catch the highways while they were still (relatively) quiet.

The trip down, meanwhile, was like a walk in the park, though it’s still strange to do that trip during daylight (a Saturday morning!), vs. in the wee hours of the morning.

But still, I had a good time. And I brought up roughly half the contents of my big bookshelf in two large totes. Those were heavy (I estimate about a hundred pounds each). I got those up to my living room with the help of a neighbor. Those books are staying right there by my door until I have the inclination to put them in a temporary location as my next visit to Stuarts Draft approaches. The bookshelf itself is still in Draft, as are a little less than half the books. Next trip ought to finish that off. But at last I’ll have something to read in the apartment now, since I only had a few books up here, and there are a number of them that I brought up that I’ve been meaning to read for a while.

Web site: Article about salvaging books that I found while googling the term "books are heavy". Interesting read.

Song: Theme to Meet the Press, which I listened to most of the way back up.

Quote: But at least it's done!

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