Old habits die really hard…

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August 7, 2007, 7:28 PM

I learned at work today that old habits die really hard sometimes. I was opening a box of various publications that we were sending out using a box cutter that I have. This was my old “safety cutter” from Wal-Mart, which I somehow managed to get out with when they fired me. So I opened the box, retracted the blade, and then was trying to stick it back in the pocket of the vest that I no longer wear. I was like, ummm, when I remembered, oh, no more vest. What do you know. Yeah, old habits die hard. Still, I’m glad to trade up from a vest and a name badge to business casual. Now instead of a one-cubic-foot locker, I have an office with four walls and a door.

Otherwise, though, could someone please break this heat? According to Weatherbug, it’s supposed to get up to 98 degrees in DC, with a heat index of 107. I’d dare say you could cook an egg on the pavement in this kind of weather. It’s brutal. And I wouldn’t mind it so much if not for the humidity. The humidity is the kicker. If it were a dry heat, it wouldn’t be so bad. But oh, the humidity. It makes waiting for the bus in the evening worse than it already is (I consider the wait for the bus at Glenmont the worst part of the commute, because I’m tired and impatient). All I know is we’re just slightly less than a quarter through August, so in just slightly more than three weeks, it will be September, and with September comes the arrival of fall and cooler temperatures. Then, of course, I can break out the long sleeves, which will be nice. I’ve always thought that I look better in long sleeves. I’d wear long sleeves all year, but you can’t get away with it during the summer. Too hot.

Web site: If only life were like You Can't Do That On Television... then, to cool off, you'd just have to say "water" to get a cascade of water coming down on your head. Of course, as Lisa and Christine learned, it doesn't always work that way...

Song: Jodie's "Fred" song from Today's Special. Why I have that song in my head, I don't know. And I'd always wondered who "Fred" was until I realized when I was older that she was saying "friends".

Quote: And then this weekend, I'm getting the heck outta DC and going to Stuarts Draft, and hopefully filling up the Sable with a whole bunch of stuff to truck up to Maryland.

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