It’s like tempting fate…

July 13, 2007, 6:52 PM

It’s like tempting fate when you get Breda 4018 as your lead car. You may recall that number. It was the car that got hit in the Woodley Park-Zoo accident in 2004. But now it looks like a regular 4000-series again, with CAF carpet replacing the original orange carpet. Only thing different is it’s missing its exterior Breda horse.

Otherwise, Sunday the 22nd is going to be fun, as two members of the Schumin family travel and meet in the middle. Sis is going to Minnesota to visit Chris at his summer job, flying out of Dulles. Mom is going to be returning to Stuarts Draft from Philadelphia, after a weekend out with her old college roommates. And where is everyone meeting? Silver Spring, Maryland, putting me into play. Dad’s not going to be able to join us, as he’s going to be elsewhere racing the Mini with his autocross group.

So the question becomes what to do… the encounter will be brief, since Mom’s going to be roughly in the middle of her travel day. I’ve suggested having either lunch or dinner somewhere in Wheaton. That ought to be fun. I must say, it’s nice being along the I-95 corridor, since Richmond is to the south, and Baltimore and Philadelphia are to the north. In fact, both Baltimore and Philly are on my eventual to-do list, as Baltimore’s really close, and Philly’s about the same distance from me as DC is from Stuarts Draft. So who knows, maybe you’ll get to see some Philly photo sets eventually.

Meanwhile, I finally made my office at work my own. I rearranged all the furniture, and took a moment to decorate. I hung this giant tapestry that I got at JMU in 1999 on the back wall of my office:

Butterfly tapestry

It definitely adds some color to tan carpet and white walls. And it gives the place personality. Now I just need to decorate at home some more. My walls at home are so blah. I’m thinking about enlarging some of my favorite photos from the Web site and getting them framed. That would be very me, no? One of my favorite photo sets is Shades of Gray, so images from that one will likely score high on the list of photos to get printed.

And meanwhile, I still haven’t gotten a chance to try out the new pajamas yet – I fell asleep in my computer chair and ended up on the couch – sleeping in my regular clothes. No fun.

Web site: Breda 4018 at its worst. 4018 was the bottom car in this Metro-humping.

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